Friday, May 16, 2014

A Beautiful Night

Our Celebration Dinner went off without a hitch. After all the preparations, it was worth every minute.  We had a beautiful night.  A special Mass with my Sisters, a lovely May Crowning, a great dinner and desserts. I can truly say a good time was had by all.
The centerpieces were a hit as were the favors.
Everyone came ready to help.  In a couple of hours it was all over...except for the unloading of my hubby's truck.  It's chock full of stuff, but nothing needing my attention last night.
I should have handed off the camera to one of the girls. In the rush to get things to the table I never thought of taking a photo.  Just like at home. The food was amazing, catered by a local Chef from a place called Feast of Eden here in Palatine.  We just plated the desserts and put together one of the salads.  Delicious!
 This statue of Mary has been with the club since the beginning in the 60's.  I used touches of blue throughout the room, in Mary's honor.  It's difficult to cozy up a room of this size, and we were just using half of the space.
I got more compliments about the thrifted embroidered tablecloth we used as an altar cloth.  Everyone admired the beautiful needlework.  It made a pretty altar, along with a family heirloom cross. We had a talented musician help us with the music.  One of the songs was Mary Did You Know.  Tom sang it beautifully. It fit our Marian theme perfectly. So much work went into the liturgy, and making it a special celebration.
So many hands, so much love...Girls I am so proud to call my Sisters. Another Guild year over.

It's snowing today, no surprise in Chicagoland.  We've had a little bit of everything this Spring.  Have a great weekend my friends.  Enjoy this beautiful day.



babs said...

Oh Penny, you did it again. You are such a talented, giving woman. The wheatgrass looks awesome. Job well done.

Snow.....what? Not us, just frost.

Lynne said...

Happy it went well . . . I had no doubts . . .

Love the cloth for the altar . . . and
the wheat grass . . . and
that I know you special lady . . . and
everything else you helped create to make this a crowning May Day event . . .

Blondie's Journal said... looks like it was a wonderful celebration! I'm not sure exactly when it took place but it looks like the weather cooperated!

Sorry I haven't been by to visit...just crazy here. I hope you have a wonderful lunch with Melanie and Cathy and I hope to join in next time! :)


Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home} said...

Today was May Crowning Mass at my girls' school. It was beautiful, too. The 8th graders were all dolled up, and they even had the second graders wear their First Communion outfits. Did I tell you my oldest will be going to Marian High School (in IN) in the fall? I went to Notre Dame H.S. so it looks like Mary is becoming somewhat of a family tradition. You are lucky to have such a great group of friends and they're so lucky to have you (and your talents!) xokathy

Melanie said...

I'm glad your dinner was worth all your hard work and that you had such a lovely time! Looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday. :-)