Thursday, May 29, 2014

Fitting 365 days into 5

From the minute we got home from the airport, Penny wanted to GO!  She started walking our neighborhood, Grandma in tow.  She visited each house, all the way up to the doors.  It was a good while before we made it inside.
 This visit was different, since we had TIME.  We went for walks in the neighborhood and showed her the sites.  This is a motion sensitive frog that ribbits.  A big hit!
 Penny was here to celebrate her second birthday, and all she wanted was balloons, and we obliged.
 We also got her this big girl bed. Most of the linens are vintage and some of the toys were Penny's Mom's when she was little.

 We watched some of Penny's favorite shows.
 When the cousins came, I put them to work.  Want to entertain two two year olds?  Let them wash dishes!

 We had several birthday celebrations and got to visit with friends and family, in a casual family way.
 We visited a nature center, she loved the great outdoors, the fish inside, not so much.  Penny screamed as the fish swam past in the tank and that was the end of the animal portion of our visit.
 She loved walking, well, mostly running.  Hard to get a photo of this girl, she moves fast.
 Playground visit...
 Fun projects at home... A dishpan of colorful beads, some measuring cups...
Chasing, playing TALKING...  Oh the things she said.  A one point during her visit, she got into my bathroom as I was showering, threw open the curtain and said, Grandma's got legs!  Oh my goodness, she makes me laugh. We snuggled, hugged...She called Grandma hundreds of times.  I will never get tired of that!  Papa had his time too...I asked him what his favorite moment from the visit was, his answer, holding Penny while she slept in his arms.  Sigh...My favorite.  Penny held her little hands on  my cheeks and said, grandma, grandma, grandma with so much love, my heart overflowed.
Seeing the world through Penny's eye's...a rainstorm is "exciting!, She sang all the songs she knew that had rain in them, and danced with pure joy as we watched the rain from the front porch. Grandpa brought her a stool to sit on.  Penny adjusted the placement and said, "Excellent" as she sat down.

I held Penny till she slept each night and and was greeted each morning by that beautiful face. Papa and I got so much love, so much attention, a workout everyday, but the best possible kind.

I don't know when we'll get to visit again, but this visit will hold me for a long while. What a girl!

Best visit ever.

Enjoy this beautiful day!



Debby said...

Ahh,what fun she is at this age. Pretty smart for two. Glad it went so well. Love her cute hair. Hugs

Melanie said...

Oh, my much love and fun in this post! It's amazing how much energy a two-year old has.

Lynne said...

Loved this Penny, such a wonderful post. It exudes your utter joy perfectly . . . . little P is blessed with exceptional loving grandparents . . . Running through green grass must be so joyful for her and in great contrast to her Big Apple neighborhood. . . .