Monday, May 19, 2014

What's Up?

The spring has really popped in the neighborhood, and so have the roofs of many of our neighbors homes.
The winter storms and recent hail were too much for many homes on our block and in our subdivision.
The bad news is our roof was badly damaged in a 50 mph wind and snowstorm in February.  There was so much storm damage nationwide that it took until recently for a crew from Texas sent by our insurer to come and check out our roof.  The good news is that our roof will be replaced in a few weeks!  The neighborhood is a buzz with us looky loo's who prowl the block wanting the latest roofing news.  Brings a  neighborhood together!
A neighbor decided to take off the entire roof, something we hope will not have to happen for us, since the decking is our responsibility...and you pay by the sheet of plywood! Big house = lots of sheets = big bucks!
A few more photos of our dinner.  These are the tags I made for the wrapping of the napkins and forks.
I forget how much fun it is to stamp, and how a stamp can carry a theme throughout an event inexpensively.
Here is the wandering minstrel and good friend Tom who provided the beautiful music for our Mass. Thanks Tom and to Jean for lending him to us for the evening.
 We are not just Church ladies, we have some party in us... some more than others!  Oh how I love this girl!
 Our Celebrant Father Ray and dear Jeanie.
I tried making some infused water...being too cheap for a jar with a spigot, I used a ladle with a jar I already had.  It looked beautiful.
Some of the wonderful women I am proud to call Sisters.  They each have a story, and are an inspiration to me.  This is just a few I gathered together for a photo.  My real life SIL is second from the right hiding in the back.  Elizabeth, what would I do without you?  Love you Betty.
 This is a Mother's Day gift I got from sweet son Jon and dear Charlotte.
Very fancy and too too much.  I am spoiled enough by their presents needed guys!  They are really cool and the color!  Mike keeps my itunes account filled, giving me music is the perfect gift.  Thanks kids, I love you all so much.
Speaking of Love and color.  Hubby in orange at the little flea.  What did I find?  Two bushel baskets...I plan to make fabric liners for, 4 cottage magazines, (.50 cents each originally $10.99 each) and 4 yard sticks for my kitchen boarder.  A idea we will work on all summer. Gotta find old yardsticks!

This week my  sweet granddaughter turns TWO!  All she wants is balloons, lots and lots of balloons. Grandma and Papa are on the job!  More about our celebration next week.

Tomorrow a mini meet up with a couple of awesome local bloggers...I can't wait!  Hope I remember to take some photos.

Have a great week my friends.
Enjoy this beautiful day.



Melanie said...

Hello! Isn't it amazing to know how much sheets of plywood cost? When we had our roof redone about 7 years ago, there were quite a few sheets of plywood that had to be replaced and yes, it was pricey. Nothing covered under our home insurance either, since it wasn't storm damage. Love your Le Creuset pans! Can't believe your Sweet P is turning 2 already. Will see you tomorrow!

Debby said...

I want a mini meet up with you. I will look for yard sticks for you. Yeah baby p. About the balloons. X o

Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home} said...

Drats, I was at the "Pec Thing" flea market in Pecatonica, IL yesterday and they had yardsticks galore! Most were $2.00 a piece. I could have picked up some for you! Can't believe the little bug is going to be 2!xoKathy

Lynne said...

Happy Days are here again . . .
Little P turns two and granny P is lined up for mucho hugs!
Happy weekend Penny!