Friday, May 2, 2014


Kristen turned me on to this cool app called Waterlogue. It turns your photos into amazing watercolor prints. This one of stock flowers was pretty just as a photo, but as a watercolor, ART!

This bouncing baby girl, suitable for framing! Send the photo to your printer, print on watercolor paper...look at your photos in a brand new way. Just so much fun, imagine the possibilities. I love technology.

During a visit to the doc (not Doogie Houser my regular guy) to make sure I didn't have strep, he looked at my age and said, "You're 59? I don't think you have strep." Who knew there was an age limit? Whatever I have has to run it's course, but I am hopeful for a full recovery for a rummage sale or two. Have a great weekend my friends!


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Lynne said...

Waterlogue is so much fun . . . maybe getting waterlogged will help that "bug" you have too! Flush the bug away???

Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home} said...

Great minds, Penny! I did a post on this recently here:
You'll have to cut and paste, not sure how to make a live link in a comment! I found that it works best with simple still life pics, like flowers! Love yours. Hope you're back to normal ASAP! Have a nice weekend. xoKathy

Melanie said...

Unfortunately, Android phones can't get the Waterlogue app. Oh well! Glad to hear you don't have strep, but I don't know why the doctor said that about your age and strep...I know plenty of adults who still get strep! Sure, it's more common if you're a kid, but adults can still get it. Hope you feel better this weekend!

Debby said...

I don't have an I phone. I am hoping there is another way of getting those beautiful water colored pictures as I love them.
Cute one of Little P.
Seriously, you are too old for streph. I never heard that one before.
Feel better anyway......havng a sore throat is miserable.

Sarah said...

I've had great fun playing with Waterlogue! Hope you feel better soon.

Alison @ The Polohouse said...

Fell better, Penny. That's a tough one. I used to get strep every single year when I was young! Awful and miserable.

THANKS for telling us about this Waterlogue! I may use it to make some gifts. Thanks again!