Monday, May 5, 2014

Weekend Update/Rummage Season Opens

It's the most wonderful time of the year...Rummage Sale Season.  If you love a bargain and are on a budget, the rummage sale is the place!  We are still lacking the energy for a Flea Market, but a rummage sale takes only minutes.  Our first stop was an advertised sale, well, it was advertised by mistake.  There was some kind of lunch going on in the Church basement, but no rummage.  It might have been embarrassing if we had been the only rummagers there, but we had company.  Lucky for us there were a couple of other sales in the town of Des Plaines right down the road. I found this lovely glass bowl right off the bat.  The ladies said everything was half price and I really scored.  The runner, the color is a deeper green than in the photo... will fit my extra long trestle table and brand spanking new.
 This bowl will get used often.
 An eyelet tablecloth.
 This cool wire basket...the handles are already history...they didn't seem to fit the basket.
A Pyrex bowl and three spice jars, these add to my collection.  The heart shaped cutter and crimper will make some fancy pierogi or pb&j sandwiches for the girls.  The CD is brunch music from Williams Sonoma. I have a dinner coming up this month that will have some classy tunes. I put it on in the car and my guy said I had to change was putting him to sleep.  I liked all the old tunes...(Maybe it was my singing, with a sore throat;-)
This tablecloth that was gnawed by wolverines...or maybe someone cut a hole to fit a patio table with an umbrella.  All the wildflower names are written in Swedish, at least that's what I found when I googled some of the words.  The motifs are perfect for some dishtowels.
 A vintage looking Christmas tablecloth. I know my Mom had one just like this.
 Some tin measuring cups, also adding to a collection.
 Yards of embroidered ribbon and
a bit of fabric with a girl that reminds me of sweet p.

I spent all of ten dollars on my treasures, and visited two sales.  After being oh so good and thrifty as of late, it was fun shopping.

We are feeling better here at the ranch, getting in our walks, eating more than soup and pudding.  May is here and I fear the summer will fly by since we have waited so long for good weather.  It was quite chilly on our evening walk, but the flowers and the air sure smell like spring.  Not to mention the birds and bunnies, mallards and such that are all around.

I'm working on the above mentioned dinner, favors and centerpieces.  I love a project and this one is keeping me busy.  I have a pinterest board full of ideas, now to see them through.  The best part of a big event for me is when it is over!  I love the preparation, but cannot relax until the lights are off and the keys turned in.  A personality flaw I am doomed to live with.  Wish me luck!

Thanks for stopping by.  I so appreciate your friendship and kind comments.  Enjoy this beautiful day.


Lynne said...

Treasures galore . . . and for only ten dollars . . . amazing.
My mother made an alphabet stitchery piece of Wildflowers. Your Swedish piece reminded me . . .
I like your Sweet P reminder too!
Happy you are feeling a bit better . . .
That "bug thing" has been around much too long!
Happy Monday Miss Penny . . .

Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home} said...

Love that botanical tablecloth and the runner. Just think of all the things you can make with that tablecloth! I would frame some of the squares, they're really beautiful. Glad you're feeling better! Have a nice week. xoKathy

Melanie said...

As always, you found some great treasures! I have given up on rummage sales around here - never anything good. Just baby stuff and junk.