Sunday, October 13, 2013

Around the House

The bittersweet vine that is destroying my arbor has berries on it for the very first time.
Nice way to dodge the bullet Mrs. Bittersweet.  I had planned to go out front with a saw
and cut her back to the I have second thoughts.

A leaning creaky arbor has it's charms too, I guess.

Small changes in all leaves, even the hydrangea...
the maple out front is dropping leaves like crazy.

The sugar maple on the side is just starting to change.

The honey locusts out in the parkway are bare.

Almost bare...

OK, there are a few leaves left.

The only decorations on the bench this year are the stems from the day lilies. I've gotta work on that.

Hope your weekend is as sweet as apple cider, mouthwatering as a cider donut, crispy as a just picked apple... Can you tell what's on my mind? If I can only convince my sweetie to take some time off during the week.  An apple orchard on a Sunday in October...might be too much fun for these old folks. ;-)  Have a great Sunday my friends!

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Melanie said...

So, did you end up doing anything exciting today? Brian and I took a last-minute jaunt to Geneva. Just walked around and enjoyed the sunshine. Did buy a couple of spices from The Spice House and found a pretty bracelet at Cocoon. One of my favorite thrift shops, St Vincent De Paul was closed today. :-(