Saturday, October 12, 2013

Remembering John

Growing up a city girl, not knowing any other way of life, I was instantly taken with a cute and talented country boy named John Denver. He sang of nature, the mountains, life and love...All things, that at the time, I had very little experience of.
His songs were the soundtrack of my youth, my courtship with my dearest, the songs at our wedding and the the songs I sang our children.

He died too soon in an airplane crash on this day when he was only 53. I miss him, like you miss a friend who had a special place in your life. His music lives on in me and my family. Our granddaughter has a story book of his song Sunshine on My Shoulders. I hope his music will have a place in her life and heart.

I remember you John, and a moment when we locked eyes during Calypso at a concert...I was in the third row and literally cried the entire concert. Happy tears.
I saw him close up, flesh and bones for the first time. It was a gift, seeing him that last time.

Sentimental old fool I am.

Have a great weekend my friends.

Sunshine Always, Penny

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Debby said...

I miss him too. He had such a sweet voice. I am almost home. Delayed at a dc airport. Xo

Melanie said...

I loved John Denver! When I was 12, I wrote him a love letter and told him his wife was a lucky woman, lol.