Monday, October 7, 2013

Weekend Update

The first leaves on the block to fall...they turn the sidewalks
a mellow yellow.

I love the way fall comes to my neighborhood.

Son Michael was in the wedding party of a very good friend.
He got a great haircut, but refused to get rid of the beard.
Just like his father... who has had a beard for more than 35 years.

Willoughby, Michael Willoughby here...Why do men in tuxes remind me of
Bond, James Bond?
He looked great and had a great time.

A baby shower...

Grandma Sue...she introduced me as a friend for 30 years...
Forty five years Sue.  Makes it hard to lie about our ages!
Sue and Ron will be grandparents yet again.
Baby Grand #3 due right before Christmas!

Great Grandma Piech and Auntie Connie. Ron's mom and sister.  They are more like family than friends.
When we were young, Mr. and Mrs.Piech had a summer cottage in Wisconsin.  They would invite us all to come, and we did.  Some of my happiest memories, including the very first time my sweetest told me he loved me, was at the cottage.  She calls us all "her kids" and we are.  A happy time with old and dear babies on the way for the next generation.  We will all be kids as long as Mrs. Piech is around, God Bless her.

We did go to one rummage sale on Saturday.  I found some Ideals...books of poetry and stories that I love to have.  I have used some poems found in the pages here on my blog.  I also found a really beautiful book, that I will tell you about soon.

Thanks for stopping by my friends.  Enjoy this beautiful day!

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