Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Taking care of business.

After a few distractions of the family kind, I am finally back to my big project, moving my craft space downstairs. I bought this stool a while back. It had a back at one time, but now just had a hole where the seat back was connected. It was not comfortable to sit on that hole, so I did a temporary fix with good old duck tape.

To make this more comfy and permanent, I covered the seat, first with foam cut to size, then some cotton batting. I used hot glue, since the sides are metal (no tacks), to attach the batting to the seat. Then I gathered a large circle of fabric to cover the works. More hot glue and some cool burlap braid finished it off. Much better for my sensitive bottom. ;-)

I also made this liner for a tall basket to hold my rolls of paper and such. Two king sized pillowcases, and a little sewing did the trick. Waiting on my boys to move my file cabinets to empty the room, then we can begin the next stage...

Beautiful Lynne from Irish Garden House has been in NY and sent me this photo of a sign she saw...

This is why she thought of me, our little acorn, Penny! Here she is, amazing, wonderful, smart, sweet, happy. Love, that's what she is! Counting the days till we are together again.

Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy this beautiful day.

Love, Penny


Melanie said...

I love these little projects that you do, such as making a seat for your stool. You're so talented and crafty! I love the picture of your Sweet P in the fridge. :-)

Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home} said...

The stool looks great, love the burlap edging! And also love your craftiness using two pillowcases, now that's my kind of repurposing!