Tuesday, June 10, 2014

about a boy...

On Sunday,  dear Elizabeth brought me pink peonies, as they came to help celebrate this guy...
This boy, my dearest.  On Monday,  we celebrated by going up into Wisconsin, to... surprise, our favorite place on the shores of  Lake Michigan.  I've been celebrating birthdays with this boy for 40 years!  I met him a few days before his 18th birthday.  I've mentioned before, it was a thunderbolt...It was in love at first site.
I was too chicken to give him a birthday card signed by myself, so I had my friend sign it too.  That was the first of his birthday's I celebrated.  Little did I know that I would have the pure pleasure of celebrating 39 more of his birthdays as his wife, and pray for many many more.  
We are drawn to the Lake.  This particular spot especially.  There is a very long drop to the water, and since there have been so many landslides in the news lately, I was a little more apprehensive getting close to the edge.
You can see that pine on the right side of the photo. Soon he will be heading down over the edge.  It is the coolest and most beautiful vista of the Lake from anywhere I've seen.  Dearest took some panoramic photos with his iPhone.  There is probably a way to publish them without compressing the photo, until I figure that out, take my word for it, they are spectacular!
 Then we headed over to the campus of Concordia University.  In order to get down to the level of the Lake, you must walk down a million stairs or follow this serpentine path.
 The wind was cool off the Lake but the cement radiated heat.  I very strange feeling.
The University sits up on a bluff...someday I want to go inside to see the view.  I've said before I want to enroll here, just to look out the window and daydream...something I did in high school and probably one of the reasons I never did go to college. :-)
 We walked the path down and did the path and the stairs on the way back up. There were some creaky knees and some huffing and puffing.  There were kids running the stairs several times while we walked once!
Oh youth...though seriously I never ran up the stairs, but could fly down the stairs especially in high school.
 We sat on the bench and admired the incredible view.

A million tomorrows shall all pass away, 'ere I forget, all the joy that is mine...today.  We listened to music all the way home, and this song, Today, seemed to fit perfectly. Happy Birthday to my young whipper snapper of a husband.  Like I told him, he may be getting older, but he will always be a year and five months younger than me!

Thanks for stopping by and for all your good wishes to my better half.

Enjoy this beautiful day!


Melanie said...

Looks like you had an absolutely beautiful day! You always find the coolest places to visit. So sorry I'm not spending the day with you today...I'm feeling a little better today though! Perhaps tomorrow?

Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home} said...

Happy Birthday to a great hubby! What a great way to celebrate, going to such a favorite spot. I never appreciated lake Michigan vistas until my husband literally lived on a bluff in MI. All I can say is WOW. I look forward to spending some time there again this summer. Have a great week! xo Kathy

Lynne said...

Happy Birthday to the "kid!"
Great views of the water from the Michigan side too . . .
We would take you there in a flash . . .