Thursday, June 12, 2014

busy work

A picnic themed dinner called for some cute little favors. "Penny" candy!

One of our service projects...Trying to get ahead of the needs of local hospitals.

Tracing, cutting, sewing and pinking. Then the girls stuff, sew on a ribbon and charm.
Busy work, satisfying work, keeps me off the streets and out of trouble .

Seeing the sun this morning has lifted my mood. Do rainy days and Mondays always get you down? Boy, two references anyone under 50 will say, What? ( the other, penny candy ;-). Some great stuff happening this weekend...Tell you all about it tomorrow.

Enjoy this beautiful day.


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Lynne said...

I like seeing what "keeps you off the streets!"
And hanging me on a cliff . . . wondering what your weekend will be . . . darn . . . I can't wait!

Melanie said...

But we should be on the streets, galavanting our way towards Goodwill! :-) Good news...I finally feel perfectly fine today. Back to my ol' self. Even went to my 1-1/2 hour yoga class and did just fine. I'm looking forward to this weekend, too. Brian's actually off and Saturday, we're going to spend the entire day in Evanston. Tim's coming home later that evening, so it'll be wonderful to have both my boys home with me on Father's Day. :-)