Thursday, June 26, 2014

One Woman's Trash

Stopping at a garage sale the next block over, because the sign said craft supplies...and you know I (don't) need craft supplies.  The sale was held by two women.  Their Mom recently moved to a smaller place leaving them to liquidate a lifetime of crafting.  There was so much, but the only thing I saw that I could justify buying were these two spools of cotton yarn.  Honey asked how much?  The first daughter said, one dollar each.  I almost did a happy dance.  My spool is way low, and two dollars would keep me in cotton till the winter.  We looked around a little then went up to the other daughter to pay.  I told her the price her sister quoted, she looked at me and said,  everything is half off!  Two spools for $1.  My sweetheart just laughed as I smiled all the way home!

Hope you find a treasure that makes you want to smile all day.
Thanks for stopping by and enjoy this beautiful day.


Debby said...

Since my garage sale was a bust, I am thinking of having a craft sale as well. I have so much. Esp. stamping sets. I have been donating the rest of the things. Some stamps could be donated but I'd like to see them go to someone who enjoys stamping. Yes, what a deal.

Melanie said...

I haven't been to a garage sale in years. The ones around here are either all junk or all baby stuff. I guess that's OK because there is absolutely nothing I need! As you know, I'm on a purging roll. :-) Glad you found something that you needed though - and for so cheap!

Lynne said...

A one dollar, two rolls of cotton treat for you . . .
For me the "treat" was reading your cotton ball, garage sale story.
Penny is creative in her writing . . . and I enjoyed!