Monday, June 16, 2014

Up on the Roof

 A quick post this morning since I am writing this from the second floor of my home and the guys are here to take off the old and give us a new roof.  Let's just say it's LOUD!  The funny thing is that our son Mike is sleeping through it!  We stayed close to home and visited the rummage sale I mentioned on Friday.  I found this beautiful redwork tablecloth.  Since it had a stain, the kind ladies let me have it for a dollar!  The little metal tray was just a quarter.
When I washed the tablecloth that stain became a hole.  I won't feel bad if I end up cutting this one up for another project.

Some treasures I found...6 canning jars with an embossed pattern, made by Kerr,
a woven tray for summer entertaining and some beautiful red ticking.

 We decided to stay closer to home on Father's Day.  We had a little cookout to celebrate Dad.  The surprise hit of the dinner was an oldie but a goodie...I made a chocolate eclair cake.  You know the one with the graham crackers, pudding...there are hundreds of recipes online.  Anyway, my guys and Charlotte though it was the best thing ever.  The boys were especially loving it and wondered why we haven't had it for many many years.  Funny how things come and go.  Mom used to make it all the time. 

I wanted to share with you some gifts I received from my Guild Sisters at our end of the year dinner.
I love lavender!  My Sisters knew that and got me all this great stuff.  Hand cream. pump soap, foot cream and socks.  The scarf is from our angel Adeline.  She crochets for us all the time, and is so generous.
This little number caught my eye and happened to match the color I was wearing to our dinner.  We had a great time and the coolest thing was I didn't have to lift a finger!  (Though I would never go empty handed ;-)
Another Guild year over.  I can relax...  Till September.

The NOISE!  I may have to get out of Dodge before my nerves get the better of me!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy this beautiful day.



Melanie said...

Sounds like you had a good weekend. I had that eclair cake for the first time several years ago at work (someone made it and brought it in). I hope you got a chance to get out today and escape the noise of the new roof...we had that done about 8 years ago and the noise was terrible. Good way to get a headache!

Lynne said...

Quiet Father's Day and things made a change on Monday! Hold on to your head, there will be a bunch more noise while they finish up that roof.
Love all your treasure finds and the guild gifts.
Happy day Golden Girl . . .