Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The five dollar bag I didn't want...

We were at a rummage sale in Elgin, a scenic ride down the road.  I went looking for a plate or two for a plant project I pinned several years ago.  I had the two plates in my hand when I asked a worker if the prices were correct or half off.  She said to forget the prices and just get a bag.  Everything you can fit in the bag is five dollars.  This is usually my favorite thing, but I have been getting rid of so much...did I really want a bag?  The worker was like...Wait!  I'll get you one... and the rest as they say  is history.   This is how I filled my five dollar bag.
 This embroidered dresser scarf...It was three shades darker with dirt before I did my oxy clean soak.
 A machine made lace tablecloth, long enough and wide enough to use as a curtain, or on my trestle table.
 A twin sized flat sheet with a eyelet lace trim.
 A blue and white vintage tablecloth...
 with an interesting neo classical design.
 A huge vintage tablecloth, with this striped pattern.  The color is more orange than gold.
 This tablecloth has a fine gold thread woven in.
 This small vintage piece is a curtain, perhaps for a cabinet window.
 Baby, yes that's her name, got a new onesie. This doll is the favorite of all the children who visit my home.  Most like to take all her clothes off, especially my baby grand.  She is circa 1950/60.  She was old when daughter Kristen got her from my Dad's Auntie Anna.  Her eyes open and close, which is fascinating to kids today!
 It has a perfect likeness of Uncle Mikey on it.
 These are the plates I wanted for my project, beautifully crazed...
 going into the dirt!
 This peel, since it has a beveled edge, is not a cutting board, but it is going with the rest of my collection.
 Cute bird plate...
Missing from the photo, 5 beautifully tarnished silver plate knifes.  All in a five dollar bag!

We have had the best summer weather.  The siren call of the garden is great.  Walking through the garden center has been fraught with danger.  A six pack here, a geranium there... when all I was going for was garden soil.  Look for me in the garden my friends.  Thanks so much for stopping by, your friendship and support.  It means the world to me.  Enjoy this beautiful day!


Melanie said...

Good morning! Wow, you certainly got a lot of treasures for only $5! I can't wait to see what garden project you're doing with the plates. I remember your flower displays on your deck from last year...so beautiful! I'm off to go pick up an antique table from a lady selling it online. Will be painting and waxing it. Someday. lol

Lynne said...

Treasure city . . . again. What are you making with the plates . . . I can't wait!