Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Back to the Garden

 Just a walk around the garden as the day began to cool.  We were at 93 degrees at just after 6 pm.   Still waiting for some rain, seems everyone around us has had some.
 The flower of the Rose Mallow...cousin of the Hollyhock.
 Milkweed.  I check frequently for signs of caterpillars.  I saw one Monarch butterfly last year, that's all.
 Not the year for roses.  My climber died back to the ground.  My pink climber out front, not a rose.

 Sweet buds on a volunteer out back.
 Lavender, hardy on the south facing side of the house.
 One of my favorite wreaths, refurbished last year.
 Hundreds of Annabelle hydrangeas ready to pop.

The hosta loved the winter, need to thin them in the fall.
The last few pansies, I hate to give up on them.

Working on getting things set right again on the deck and in the yard.  Gazing at the roof is my latest pass time.  Makes my sweetheart laugh.  Maybe I'm just doing it to hear that laugh...

Take care my friends, thanks for stopping by and enjoy this beautiful day.



Debby said...

Hi Penny. Your flowers are beautiful. My planters are getting white mold on the top. So humid here. We have had some wonderful days though. Just now getting super hot. hugs

Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home} said...

Oh my gosh you'd think we live worlds apart! The rain was relentless here all day, as was the thunder and lightning. I do so love these summer storms! Hope you got some rain for all those beautiful plants and flowers! I love the Annabelle hydrangeas, too, still waiting on mine to come into their own.

xo Kathy

Lynne said...

Pretty flowers, love the colors.
Your Annabelle's are much further along than ours . . . I cut mine WAY back last year. Wondering how they will do!