Monday, June 23, 2014

First Weekend of Summer

 What a weekend.  Starting with a thrifting date with beautiful Melanie of Comfy House on Friday.  We always have a great time together, and our thrifting mojo seems to flow when we're together.  I found this awesome straw boater hat.
 It spoke to me of summer and barber shop quartets...Disneyland and Tom Hanks in that silly skit on SNL
when he is an animatronic in the tunnel of love.  Creepy and funny.  Anyhow at $4 I had to have it.
 My other small purchases paled in comparison to the gifts that Melanie gave me.  The picnic basket shown above, "Would I like it," Mel asked...YES!  I have more than a few but love em all.  Then some awesome gifts for my birthday, yes it is in February... ;-) We've been trying to get together for a long time.  Mel shared some great magazines, a couple of vintage pillowcases...oh I forgot to photograph the heart. A glass heart holding some vintage paper, so pretty. Probably because I hung it right up in my kitchen I liked it so much.
 Love the little woolen pillow...and some little journals.  So generous and kind.  We spent over 2 hours shopping and another 30 minutes talking in the parking lot.  I got sunburned, just half of my chest and face.  Didn't know it till hours later...Never a dull moment with Mel...Oh, the joy of blogging...New friends!
 These are perfect for a project.

 Melanie is a blessing indeed.
 Dad's beret, sweet p.'s ranger hat, sweethearts cane, Buscia's shawl and now my boater.
Saturday took us to Ravinia.  Garrison Keillor and a live broadcast of the Prairie Home Companion radio show.  The first thing was an announcement that the US Weather Service has issued a severe thunderstorm warning for Ravinia.  "You can leave, or you can stay."  (That should cover their butts if people die from being hit by lightning ;-)
 We had arrived early so we had a couple of relaxing hours until the first flash of lightning.
 Ravinia is always a good time, and in forty years of attending the Ravinia Festival, this was our first weather event...aka Monsoon.
 At first we thought we might luck out and miss it...
Then under the protection of a restaurant's eaves we watched as rivers formed, crazy people stayed under umbrellas and tarps and Ravinia got walloped.
Here Harry Volkman aka my sweetheart, kept us informed on radar activity.  All in all it was a very good time.  People were in a great mood, there were many laughs and the close proximity meant you were included in every one's conversation.  When the rain let up we waded into the grass to retrieve our soaking wet table and chairs, table cover and blanket.  That was the hardest part and the wettest.  Carrying all the rain soaked stuff back to the car where we listened to the last part of the broadcast on the car radio, ate our dinner and dessert.  We listened to NPR and laughed all the way home.

On a personal note our dear friends Jean and Tom delivered some gifts to my hubby for some help he gave them with their computer.  These two...what can I even say... are the kindest, most generous and craziest.
When I say that we are blessed, it is no joke.  Thanks to Jean and Tom...your friendship means the world to us!

Sunday we went to the little flea market with Brother Greg, SIL Elizabeth and my two little nieces. We got a late start and it was really hot.  The kids wilted first with my sweetheart not far behind.  We let Grandma and Grandpa shop while we cooled off in the car and listened to a scary story told by my little bird.  It involved a girl and a boy a jacket and a grave... She explained that the girl was a GHOST!  We sang some songs and Grandma came back to the car, without Grandpa.  (He left the house without his phone, go figure...)  I went to find my dear brother, it only took a minute since he was heading to the car to find us.  I told the girls I found Grandpa in the room with the lost children.  I said he was crying and then jumped into my arms when he saw me.  The little bird, now almost 6 believed me for a nano second, and then asked her grandpa..."Were you really in the room for lost children?"  A great time was had by all, especially eating snacks and drinks in the cool of Auntie Penny's house.

I need a rest from my weekend!
Another rainy day...thank goodness, I need the rest!

Enjoy this beautiful day.




Melanie said...

The highlight of my weekend was spending time with you...after that, it was pretty much all downhill after that. Go and take a look at my blog to see what I mean! Oh, and by the way, I got sunburned, too. I didn't know it until I was getting undressed that night in the bathroom and saw my chest and left arm in the mirror. Wow! It's all still pretty red.

Lynne said...

Delightful post . . .
I love reading your stories . . .
Remember the SUNSCREEN . . .
no need if you are in another monsoon . . .

Debby said...

It has been raining here as well....and so much. Little bird has an imagination like her aunt hah. Hugs.