Thursday, June 19, 2014


 Stopped at a light, the sky was churning.on Wednesday afternoon.  What seemed like a good idea to get out for a while turned into a mistake real quick.  It never really got that bad, but the skies did open up.  The trees all sighed, the plants were all watered.  The new rood sparkled and the rehung gutters worked like a champ. I didn't accomplish much, but some errands were run (big girl underwear sent to a small girl in NY!) and my guy and I found a punch for a little project I've been thinking about.
 I'm sure you've seen all the mason jar accessories in the craft stores and the Wally Mart.  Three lids with a hole for a straw for about $10, straws extra!  I didn't have anything big enough to punch a hole in the dozens of lids I already had.  Then we went to a Harbor Freight tool type store.  I couldn't purchase just the tool of the size I wanted, but the set was reasonably priced.  So today I set out to manufacture some lids for my recently purchased and so vintage canning jars.
 All I needed was to find my little anvil, a trip to the basement...there I found a dozen more lids left from a project where I made wire frogs for the tops of some mason jars a couple of years ago.
 If you don't have lids already at home, they are available at the local hardware.
 It took me a couple of really hard smacks with the hammer...
and the really hard surface of the lil' anvil to make the perfect hole.  I tried with a plastic cutting board, but it just wasn't hard enough.
 No one home today to hear all the noise...
 I even saved the tops of yesterday's cans of beans. ( Honey had a taste for chili.)  I've seen so many ornaments started with the tops of cans.
So the results.  So cute, and now I have a set of punches for all my crafting needs.  Silly how such a small accomplishment makes me so very happy!

Back to my crafting with a hammer...;-)

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy this beautiful day!



Debby said...

Scary sky's for sure. We had a lot of rumbling going on in the night here. Kept waiting on the phone to ring with a warning. Nope...glad.
Great idea to make your own lids for drinks. Good thing to do when you are angry. I can't imagine you angry though. Xo

Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home} said...

Love it that you DIY'ed this! My daughter LOVES her store-bought one just like it! I know what you mean about the weather! It was crazy here from late afternoon through late evening yesterday. The lightning was spectacular! That, and I didn't have to water the plants!
xo Kathy

Lynne said...

You amaze me!

Melanie said...

You are so darn clever! :-)

Blondie's Journal said...

What a really neat idea. I have been seeing these with the straws in so many catalogs and stores with sky high prices. You did good!!

The weather has been ominous at sometimes here. I've never seen days and days of thunderstorms. Good for the plants and flowers and grass, even the little birdies. But oh my...the weeds! :(