Friday, June 27, 2014

Beauty in the Neighborhood

Coming home from the store we stopped in an older section of our town.  Seems we drive by all the time but never stop to admire the old homes, old trees and beautiful gardens.  Look at this cottonwood!
Cottonwoods, always remind me of a trip I took to Colorado when I was 19.  We slept under the stars along the Colorado River under the protection of giant cottonwoods just like this beauty.
 Oh the stories this tree could tell.
 Another neighborhood, closer to ours.  Loved this rustic fence and climbing vine.  It is variegated and looks like a grapevine.  The pop of white flowers was the perfect accent.
 Looks like dappled light on these leaves.
 Just loved the mossy old fence.
My prize for the day, a little July 4th vignette for the table.  The lanterns, I just had to take apart and clean up, the runner still had the tag...Hand made for Lincoln's New Salem, (a recreation of the settlement where President Lincoln first lived in Illinois.)  ...the lanterns .50 each and the runner a dollar.  The bargains are now finding me!

A couple of events this weekend to check out for local girls.

A Flea Market Style Barn Sale
at Heritage Barn and Board
W2644 Loveland Rd. Elkhorn, WI
We loved their Christmas Sale.

Nellie's Barn Sale
10856 Branding Iron Ln. Roscoe, IL
Never been but looks like cool vintage stuff.

Saw this ad on Facebook...
Everything Homespun
5000 sq ft of fun!
2450 County Road O
Delevan WI 53115
We will remember this place when we go up to see Northwinds Perennial again.

We have no plans for the weekend except spending some time in the garden, there may be local a rummage sale... With gas $4 a gallon and up...there are no bargains when you spend a bundle to fill the gas tank, as much as we love a road trip. Oh, and a picnic dinner with a man who got soaked with me last weekend, that is if the weather cooperates!

Have a great weekend my friends.


Lynne said...

Happy weekend Penny . . .
Love the old cotton wood tree . . .

Melanie said...

Love that runner and lanterns! No sales for me this weekend...I'm helping my friend move to Roscoe tomorrow and then on Sunday, I'm staying home! Hmm, Nellie's Barn Sale is in Roscoe...maybe when I'm done at my friend's house I could sneak over to the barn sale. ;-) Brian and I went last year and it's kind of small, but very nice.

Debby said...

what nice bargains.
Have a nice week-end and upcoming holiday.
We haven't planned anything for the week-end or the 4th. Just making sure the house stays picked up and little things here and there. The 4th will be quiet for us for sure.