Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Around Town

This nest in dear Jean's evergreens was empty when I saw it, but now has two beautiful blue eggs.  I've got to get over there and see them. 
Near our favorite spot for breakfast on the weekends, baby Canada geese have been spotted,  but are so hard to photograph.   This Goosey mom means business. and you cannot get close.
 One of our water towers is sporting a skirt!  Wrong color for her, makes her hips seem big!

Spring splendor is everywhere in our town.  It was a very long wait, but worth every second!  Enjoy this beautiful day.

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tikascm said...

Beautiful spring!!! As I walk I enjoy seeing the budding trees - the flowers and the smell of cut grass. The park is so lovely to walk around and through. The 80 degrees weather is too hot too soon for me - but for those that love it may they wear sun-screen when out!!