Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sunday at Kane County Flea Market

Sunday dawned bright and sunny, the temperature was perfect, thought the winds were kind of strong...a good day to visit the Kane County Flea Market.  Held the first weekend of the Month, we try to attend a few times a year.  The size of the market is overwhelming, and in the future I will take notes where my favorites are located on the sprawling grounds.  I took pictures at this display...  It was so beautifully done and perfectly vintage.  The shop is called Willows.  There were so many people around the display, I could not get to the person  to ask permission to take some photos..  I always try to ask permission, especially when I want to blog about it.  I took the photos anyway, and the card with the shop's name.  There was no web address, so I called and talked to Michelle, the owner.  She was so sweet and charming, and knew a few of our Illinois Bloggers, like Joan of Anything Goes Here and Alison of The Polo House, both sweethearts.

She also mentioned Lisa from The Frenchman's Wife...Lisa was also selling her wares, just across the aisle. (I also admired her booth, and am kicking myself for not taking a photo...really I was in awe, and little bit shy.) ((My husband was telling me... tell her about your blog, and I'm like... nooooo, really...it's just a little blog)) Lisa had old scissors and vintage stationary supplies and corks and fantastic displays, and I wish I had taken some photos!  My poor description does not do her beautiful and unique booth justice.
Back to Willows...This table was amazing.  The little planters were set on vintage ledger paper.  Looking at this photo, I HAVE the fabric that the table is covered with!  Just so cool, the centerpiece with the wheat grass, the journals with the botanicals, the candelabra...it was great.
 The mirror, the urn...
The wicker chargers, the fern plates, flower frogs for place cards even the shredded paper was crimped! Let's just say, WOW!  Willows will be at the next Kane County Flea Market, and if you are ever in Dubuque, Iowa, (just across the Mississippi from Galena)  Michelle's store is at 471 W. 4th Street
and her phone number is 563 690-1593.  I can't wait to visit later in the summer.

All I bought was a large blue Ball canning jar from the Iowa Junk Gypsies.  They had a great display too with so many things I wanted...   All in all, a nice day out, and some new acquaintances. Meeting new people and being inspired by their creativity, that makes a day at the flea market so much fun.


Charm Bracelet Diva said...

I was there, too! Sorry we didn't bump into each other!

lisa said...

Hi penny! It was great meeting you and your husband this weekend at Kane! Thank you for all of your kind words about my booth--you are very dear! I enjoy my work so much, and it is always a huge bonus when people express the sentiments as you have--much thanks! By the way, lovely blog--you do a beautiful job!!! Look forward to seeing you again.
Best, Lisa (the frenchman's wife)
P.S. I enjoy Gigi, Roxanne, and old motown quite a bit myself! :)

Anne Marie... said...

Hi Penny...we went Sat early....I loved seeing all that creativity too!!

see you soon :)

Suzanne said...

I was there too on Sunday. I'm surprised I didn't run into you.

Willows and the Frenchman's Wife are my two favorite booths at the flea market and they're located across from each other. I've made a promise to myself to get out to Iowa to visit Willows.

Lisa from Frenchman's Wife is very nice and friendly. Her and I had a conversation and I'm going to check out the space in DeKalb where she'll have a permanent spot for some of her things! I'm in awe of her "picking" skills. I can't imagine where she finds some of these thing - in quantity! Last month she had a very large basket filled with these huge light bulbs.

That wire basket centerpiece in the Willows booth was my favorite!

Aren't they insipirational?