Monday, May 9, 2011

Mom's Weekend

On Mother's day morning we took a ride to Woodstock, Illinois to a antique mall.  It's filled with cool furniture, scroll work, and anything and everything you can imagine.  I went looking for the
booth of Jeannie of the Gilded Junque Yard.  I met Jeannie at our Illinois Blogger event, and have been planning on visiting  ever since.  The space is filled with delicious stuff.  I found some old string that I had to have, and a bag of over 25 crochet hooks that called my name.  Then my husband pointed out a vintage picnic basket...he insisted that I bring it home!  (I needed another...not!) 
 Loved how they put all this stuff together...
 Is there anything more fun than running your fingers through a bowl of buttons?
 Then hubby called out..."Don't you know this shop?"  He was right.  I've blogged about The Perfect Pear before.  Their display was great, I especially liked the ladder hanging from the ceiling with the vines. 
 This graphic rug was one of my favorite things.  We had just filled up the gas tank on the way to Woodstock, so I was using restraint...this time. 

 I love these baskets.  I've shown you the way I have them in my closet in my craft/sewing/office.  I have small chalkboard tags to keep things organized.  This basket is going right next to my chair in the living room, for the latest WIP. 
 Here are a couple of items I got at some local garage sales.  A rosette iron, in it's original box, and with all the pieces for $1, and in the back (Sorry for the bad photo) a black lunch box, an opening night freebie from the play Working by Studs Terkel.  Before we were out of the driveway, I had the sticker off and on my husband. He's always working! 
The purple sachet is from dear Barb from Babs Just a Babblin' and she also sent a small jar of birdseed that attracted Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal within 5 minutes of our little one putting it out on the deck.  Magic seeds I say! I'm working on a project for her.  If we only lived closer...

If you need a crochet hook, I've got em.  Scored some at a garage sale with some trim and then the mother lode at the Colonial. 

My kids and my Husband made my day a special one, but then they make everyday special for me. 

I'm going out to plant some seeds before the rain this afternoon.  Enjoy this beautiful day.


cityfarmer said...

these girls rock my world ...
hope your day was special in every way ...


The Gilded JunqueYard said...

Hey Penny.....saw your note today you left us at our space. Thank you so much for visiting(and the awesome post). Next visit let me know ahead of time so i can take you around to some of our favorite places here...oh, and lunch--we have to do lunch! See you at Nada Farm next week?

Whimsy said...

I've been wanting to head I REALLY want to go!! Thanks for sharing!!
XO Traci