Thursday, May 19, 2011

Trip to the Library

 I was delighted to see Romantic Prairie Style, the beautiful new book by Fifi O'Neill at our local library.  I have my own copy, and am so excited to meet Fifi tomorrow at the NaDa Farm BoHo Ball.  The book features some homes of local bloggers and is beautifully written and photographed.
Our library has a magazine exchange.  I've scored all kinds of magazines, craft, decorating, and this time a National Geographic on The Tallest Trees.  It's the issue with a foldout of a giant redwood.  It's an awesome photo.  There are always books you can purchase, so I got these great books for sharing with a small friend of mine. ($1.60)
The first book I picked up, because of it's cover.  It's called Sea Escape, by Lynne Griffin.  It has a spool of thread on it's cover and I liked the name.  It's amazing how many times I've selected books just because of the covers, then found the contents to  be enjoyable.  Then there's Nora Ephron's, I Remember Nothing.  A no brainer here.  If you liked Heartburn, When Harry Met Sally or Sleepless in Seattle, you'll like anything Nora writes. Then there's David Sedaris...Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk, he makes me laugh.  Jimmy Carter, a personal hero of mine, The Virtues of Aging.  The former President reinvented himself after losing the White House at 56.  If he has advise, I'm listening!
Sorry for the wonky photo.  Seasons and Celebrations, got it for the photos, and the title, anything with Seasons attracts my attention.  A Gardeners Craft Companion, curtains printed with ferns and leaves...right up my alley.  Simple Times, crafts for poor people.  Another LOL Sedaris family member, Amy.  She really does love to craft, a quick look and this book is OUT THERE!  Half-Hour Hostess, A Southern Living book.  They have the best recipes.
Gorgeous Christmas, I though it was a craft book, but more recipes.  Unless It Moves the Human Heart, The Craft and Art of Writing by Roger Rosenblatt, need I say more...I need help.  Last but not least the Worrywort's Companion, by Beverly Potter, PH.D.   Twenty-one ways to soothe yourself and worry smart.  I'm IN!

Visit your local library, pick out some books... even if you don't get around to reading them in three weeks, it costs you nothing. It's the perfect way to spark your creativity, keep your mind engaged, and a good laugh or two is priceless!  Enjoy this beautiful day.

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