Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Simple Gifts

Friends bring me gifts, and they know what I like. These are from my dear pal Carmella. The sweet crochet heart and another blue canning jar with a zinc lid.

Elizabeth brought me a pot of lily of the valley, my second attempt at planting some. Try try again...

I bought this beautiful pendant at a sale of our dear Annie's junk. Junk, in the best possible way.

The pendant was made by the amazingly talented Jeanie from The Gilded Junqueyard. So beautifully made and such a special tribute to our beloved Junk Queen. The profits go to Annie's favorite charity.

It was an honor, visiting with Annie's best girlfriends and bringing home a few books that came from Annie's collection. Seeing Annie's home and all her friends and the things that made her happy, made me miss her a little more. The gift of knowing Annie is one I will always cherish.

A broken car kept us home, most of the weekend, but with the terrible weather we've been having, it wasn't really a problem but a gift. Time with my guys... though they slept an amazing amount of time. I took an audio recording of all three of them snoring. Surround sound! They left me crocheting and watching a series of programs on NatGeo about weather and recent disasters. Let's just say it scared the @#$% out of me! I'm not a happy camper in a storm, and these shows all warned of more storms and natural disasters, due to the one degree increase in the temperature of our oceans. YIKES!

Simple gifts... my husband safely home, 3 of the best guys napping on a Sunday evening, friends remembering you with things you like, a hot sunny day, a garden hose and a two year old soaking wet... face time with a daughter far away... a pretty necklace to remember a friend gone too soon... Tis a gift...

Enjoy this beautiful day.

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