Thursday, May 5, 2011

What's Going On

 Even with the cold temperatures we've been having, Mother Nature is still putting on quite a show. 
 I can't believe I got a good photo of the bleeding hearts.  They are always moving in the wind.
 Yep, we've got dandelions. Have you looked at it just as a flower, not as a weed.  It's pretty, really!
 Since it's too cold to garden, I've been crocheting and sewing linings into these lil' bags.
 This one is busy, using the kitchen cotton. 
 Not sure how I want to finish these...just the flower, perhaps a button in the center.
 Since they're lined, they are reversible, but the crochet is the star.
This lining is from a thrift shop shirt.   It was pretty, with embroidery and sequins, and now cut up into linings and such.

Today is the anniversary of my first Holy Communion.  It was in 1962, the middle ages to most of you out there. A huge day in the life of a Catholic child.  The significance of the day was lost on a 7 year old, but all these years later, I still remember... but what I remember was that I was ITCHY, and I had to wear the bane of my youth, the crinoline.  To those of you unfamiliar, it was a big stiff and fluffy but itchy slip.  I hated and still hate to this day wearing anything itchy.  It seemed like everything I had to wear when I was young was in fact very itchy!  I didn't sleep well because of the sponge rollers in my hair, and I was afraid to displease Sister Floretta, my second grade teacher.  Somewhere there are home movies of me, holding my prayer book, candle and Rosary, looking like a mini bride.  Funny, how all these years later, I remember May 5th for this event.
Well, that's what's going on around here.  Enjoy this beautiul day!


tikascm said...

I made my First Holy Communion on May 13, 1951 - sixty years ago!! I have a couple of pictures somewhere, but the little picture frame that had a picture of Jesus giving communion to little children sits on one of my dressers to this day. I don't remember having to wear an itchy crinoline, but then again it probably was not invented yet!!!

Rebecca said...

Hi Penny
Thanks so much for your kind comment, I am fortunate to have my Mom, she is such an inspiration to me.
Your crocheted treasures are wonderful! I am ready to garden, hopefully the weather will warm up a little.
Wishing you a wonderful Mother's Day