Saturday, May 21, 2011

The BoHo Ball at Na Da Farm Sale

I got my best guy... after an 10 hour day of work...(Thank you Tyke, I love you so!) put on my best BoHo...  a 50 cent tablecloth and $1.00  pair of earrings, put a flower in my hair, grabbed my best blogging bud...well, a reasonable facsimile.  I made a Flat Barb of  Babs Just a Babblin' to accompany me to the BoHo Ball, aka as opening night of the NaDa Farm sale. (Barb lives in another state, and we had hoped to go together, but it was not to be this year.)

 I made a bunch of these so watch out girlfriends.
 There's Barb!  Isn't she pretty?  She didn't know she was going...but I thought it would be fun! (and it was so much fun...thanks Barb!)
I was greeted near the entrance by Jeannie of  The Gilded Junqueyard.  She is so pretty, warm and friendly. She has a shop in the Colonial Antique Mall in Woodstock, Illinois, I mentioned in an earlier post.  It was a great  to see her again and a wonderful way to start the evening. I wanted that window, with the curved top, but it was just too big for where I'd want to use it. 
 The amazingly talented, and so pretty in her BoHo frock, Jennifer Rizzo with the lovely Flat Barb!
Speaking of talented, Fifi O'Neill autographed my copy of Romantic Prairie Style and also autographed  Flat Barb! Here she held Barb close to her heart for a photo. Fifi is lovely and soft spoken.  I was so happy to meet her and tell her how much I enjoyed her book. 
 This was one of many beautiful items by Jennifer Rizzo. There were racks of her beautiful designs, and so many of AnneMarie's elegant designs too.  After a while you can tell who made what from their distinctive styles.
 There was so much eye candy, I didn't know where to look first.
Here's Kathy's handsome hubby with Flat Barb.  Kathy is from Charm Bracelet Diva...  It was so nice to see Kathy again, another beautiful person... she is so friendly and kind and a talented designer of jewelery.  She was admiring the work of others at the sale, and wearing some amazing designs of her own.  Wow, Flat Barb was sooo popular.
 So many beautiful displays, great stuff everywhere.  I was really too busy gawking to take many photos...
Foxgloves, in full bloom. Jars of lily of the valley.  Baby tears, the plant, not from baby Daniel.  I got to see him and he is beautiful, just like his Mom, Anne Marie.  I don't know how she did it this time, with a brand new baby...but she did,  BIG TIME!
Show you what I bought next time.  Have a beautiful day.


Suzanne said...

Oh, I'm sick!!! How did I manage to miss you? I got there pretty early though and had to leave about 6:10. I guess I missed Kathleen also. Darn.

Rebecca said...

Penny! How did we not see each other... I missed you. I am so sorry we didn't get to chat.
Hope you had fun

Anne Marie... said...

I had to come by and say how sorry I was not to talk to you! I got to say Hi - but baby was needing me - ugh! sorry!!

thanks for coming Penny!!!!

Heidi said...

Well what time were you there??? I thought maybe you had decided to come Sat. instead. Love your photos. Didn't Jennifer looks so cute?! Looks like you had a good time, so sorry to have missed you!