Friday, May 13, 2011

Moss Letters...English Valley Style

 My last name starts with a W.  I have this cool silver one, but, as always, I wanted something different...
Something like this!  Yes, our friends at Pottery Barn have the best stuff, but at $79.00, no can do!  I saw a post on Charm Bracelet Diva's blog, where she made a look alike letter for her home, and reminded me that before the Easter preparations, I bought some moss, that I never used.  Thanks Kathy for the inspiration
The easy part was tracing the w I already had, on to cardboard, twice.  I use the back of tablets, any kind I can find. I would not rule out tracing a large letter at the Hobby Lobby (with permission) or blow up a font from the computer.   What I mean is, finding the large letter shape... is the hardest part of this project.

 I reinforce the cardboard with wooden skewers hot glued to the cardboard...
Then glue the two pieces together, with the glue applied to the skewers.
I like to use the super moss from Michael's, but there are all kinds, even the dollar store has moss sheets.
I cut the moss into strips, and glue in place. I used to be better at this, now I burn myself at least once.
I cut thin strips of moss and filled in the sides for a finished look.
Glue a piece of ribbon to the back.  The letter is surprisingly sturdy, even though it's only cardboard and skewers.
Moss is messy and there are the burnt fingers...
but isn't it cool!

All done, and I spent about $4.00 on moss with a coupon.  I saved $75.00, well that's my story and I'm sticking to it!  Have a great weekend.


tikascm said...

Another great idea!!! Can hardly wait (for more than one reason) to get back into a place of my own and try some of these so very cute ideas. You won't mind if I borrow them - will you Pal? Love you -

cityfarmer said...

messy, but tons of fun ... i always feel so powerful weilding the hot glu gun!!

did you happen to see my post on my mossed chandelier/

Charm Bracelet Diva said...

So glad you got to make it! It's fabulous!