Sunday, May 22, 2011

Farm Sale/Rummage Sale Finds

Here are the cool things I got at the NaDa Farm sale.  The enameled pot was from Hot House Market.  I met Carrie at our Blog gathering, and met her charming husband at the sale.  These two have the friendliest style and wonderful things to choose from.  We talked about Brooklyn, of all things.  They sell at the Brooklyn Flea, not far from where my daughter lives.  Carrie's blog tells you where their future sales will be. 
 My Buscia had pots like this when I was growing up.  Makes me all warm just remembering.
Wish this was smell a blog...This soap is the best smelling ever.  Made by Soft Touch Soaps, right here in Illinois.  The lovely lady that sold me the soap asked me if I will look at this soap, or use it.  I will use this, the perfect soap for after gardening.
 I found these 1940 letters at the booth of Chippy!Shabby!.  She had the window I so admired. 
Sorry I don't know the vendor of this medium sized milk bottle.  She also had the foxgloves in large pots in full bloom.  I've been looking for the medium sized milk bottle, and this one filled with lily of the valley was irresistible. 
 In the cup holder of the car, it scented our ride all the way home.
Much, much closer to home was a rummage sale.  The shelves/desk was the first thing I saw...$5.00!  I've been looking for shelves for my son Jon for his antique cameras and vintage fan I recently found him.  The person checking us out told us that she donated the desk and that they had paid $250.00 for it at Crate and Barrel.  Jon is gonna love it, and it will look great with all his stuff.
The sentimental favorite though, is this book...Tasha Tudor's Heirloom Crafts. I first became a fan of dear Tasha back in the hay day of Victoria magazine.  She was an amazing woman...she wrote children's books and illustrated them, sewed quilts, made soap, dipped candles, made baskets, gardened, made and used natural products before it was cool.  My kind of woman!  Finding her book for a dollar was bliss...(Bliss...that's for all of you old school Victoria readers!)
Well, if you read my blog, you know what I like, and there was a little of everything at this sale.  The tin mold, the canning jar with an unusual name...and the smallest ledger I've ever seen.  Take a closer look at the photo of the shelf, and if you are curious about anything, just ask.  A great weekend so far and a beautiful Sunday to go.  Enjoy this beautiful day.

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Hot House Market said...

Thanks Penny~ it was so great to see you again! We bought some of the AWESOME soap too :) Best wishes to you~ Carrie @ Hot House Market