Saturday, May 28, 2011

One, Is the Loneliest Number

The closet is finished. Today is the fourth day of this WIP. In the process I trashed our bedroom. These are photos I took before...

Now I have to put it back to the way it was. I hung a Ikea tablecloth behind the bed. I'm enjoying the pop of color.

I had big plans, as my sweet baboo was away on business all week. I planned on making more of these journals, and reading all those books I showed you. I cleaned and sorted till I was too tired to hold a book...

I hate when he's gone. There's an empty space in my heart, that only he can fill.

And NOBODY makes me laugh like he does. Welcome home honey!

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cityfarmer said...

ahhhhhh, he's a keeper!!!

have a great long weekend

At Home in English Valley said...

This is a test!